Posted on May 25, 2016

Villains Giveaway : Moriarty


I am a good girl at heart. Growing up, I was referred to as a goody-goody on more than one occasion. I regularly make the right choice in video games as opposed to being mean. I channel Pam Beesley when it comes to things like this:

Pam Beesley

I root for the good guys. There are, however, some exceptions. There are some villains that are so captivating that you can’t help but like them. For me, the villain that most exemplifies this is Moriarty from the BBC series Sherlock.


Moriarty, for me, is the quintessential villain. He is sly and sneaky, confident and cunning. His brand of evil is sophisticated. He has his fingers in everything without being directly culpable. He is Sherlock’s perfect counterpoint. He makes me want to be a bad guy, which is a tough thing to do.

Every fairytale needs a good old fashioned villain. – Moriarty

The Giveaway

When De Pepi mentioned that she wanted to do a giveaway celebrating villains, I jumped at the opportunity! Heck yes, a chance to sing the praises of my favorite villain? *Score*Villains Giveaway

The Prizes

1- Jim Moriarty (Sherlock 286) Funko POP!

2- “Moriarty is Real” aluminum adjustable ring

3- Moriarty compact mirror

4- Moriarty quote mug

Enter the Giveaway

The giveaway is open from May 25, 2016 to June 24, 2016. So get to entering!

Villains Giveaway

Want More?

Because I’m not the only one who appreciates a good villain, some other lovelies have decided to also participate in the giveaway! Go check out these awesome ladies and see what they are offering for their giveaway. More free stuff? *Score*

My Open Sketchbook


Go visit Kayly over at My Open Sketchbook for your chance to win a portrait of your favorite villain! Kayly is such a talented artist so this is really a fantastic prize! Go see her giveaway here.



Go visit Pepi at Depepi for your chance to be one of four winners! Her prizes include a Morbius Pop, some Loki bling, a Red Skull patch, along with Venom and Green Goblin loot. Go see her giveaway here.

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  • I freaking LOVE Moriarty!! He is such an excellent villain, I completely agree. He has every quality a good villain should!

    Also, I’m adding a link to your post on mine right away! 🙂

    • Woohoo, fellow Moriarty lover! Without a doubt my favorite villain. Thanks for the add onto your post:)

  • When I collected my Sherlock Pops, I went with the Sherlock with the Deerstalker Cap, Watson, & Moriarty in a Crown from the Tower of London/crown jewels heist. I just love that “Honey, you should see me in a crown” quote! I am totally digging how everyone interpreted the villains series Pepi organized! <3

    • I didn’t even know about the Moriarty in a crown Pop until just recently! I also love that quote 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Karen!

  • Ahhhh I love Moriarty so much!!!

  • Oh, I love the way you set this up! I might copy your format when I put my giveaway together, haha:P That compact is so dang cute!

    • Thanks Ashlee! I adore that compact. I might need to get another one just for me 😛

  • Aahahaha I loooove Moriarty! But only in the Sherlock series. In the books nope. I must admit that I love JohnLock the most 😉

    • Haha yes Sherlock Moriarty is much sexier than book Moriarty. Thanks for stopping by and hosting such a fantastical giveaway 😀

      • Thank you for choosing one of my favorite fandoms! 😀 I love Sherlock since I was a kid! (Different versions 😀 ) Thank you for taking the villain path along with me 😉

  • Ugh I’m such a sucker for fun mugs, hahah!

    • Me too! We actually just got rid of our matching mug set so we could make room for more fun ones. Because we’re adults.

  • Christina Sanders

    Awesome ♡♡

  • Omg yes! I love Moriarty!!

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  • Valerie Minnich

    These are SUCH cool prizes! Thanks for this opportunity!

    • Your welcome Valerie! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  • Love that compact mirror and mug! Too cute. I’ve never really watched Sherlock, though I really want to!

  • What a great article. I sympathize. I was more the “bsd girl” so I like them bad…but…good. Twisted huh? You picked GREAT! I love the Pop!!! ♡ My fave is Lex Luther, though. Superman IS my man.

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  • Raine

    Awesome villan choice, Moriarty is one of my favorites. Andrew Scott was an absolute perfect casting choice to play Moriarty in the series, I love his version so much!

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