Song of the deep is an amazing game featuring a young heroine Merryn in her journey to find her missing father in the depths of the sea!
Posted on January 11, 2017

Song of the Deep: A Game Review

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Last year, my husband and his best friend were able to attend PAX South right here in San Antonio. If you don’t know about PAX, it is a conference for gaming. They feature games of all kinds including tabletop games, video games, card games, you name it! One of the games that my husband came home all excited about was Song of the Deep. He kept telling me that the graphics were beautiful and he thought it was a game that I would really enjoy. I was so excited when it was released for the PS4 and snatched it up.

Song of the Deep

Spoiler Free Summary

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Song of the Deep is an adventure game created by Insomniac Games, the same developers who brought us Resistance and Spyro the Dragon among others. The story is centered around a young girl, Merryn, and her fisherman father. One night her father doesn’t return home from a voyage. After a life-like dream, Merryn decides she must build a submarine and take to the seas to rescue her father. On her journey she will meet friends and foe and overcome many obstacles with wit and determination.

First Impressions

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Song of the Deep reminded me a lot of Child of Light. Not only because the story revolves around a young heroine, but because the atmosphere is calming and breathtaking. The graphics are absolutely stunning, really giving you the illusion that you are helping this young girl travel the seas to search for her missing dad. The controls, even on a PS4 controller which can be clunky on delicate games such as these, was smooth and inviting. The hints along the way made playing the game simple and relaxed. I also really enjoyed the lore that they weaved throughout the story. Merrows (mermaid for us land-loving folk) and old ruins really brought a breath of fantasy into the story. The thing that truly left a lasting impression from this game was the music. The music is as much of a character in this game as the people, animals, and merrows themselves. It puts you in a free, relaxed state of mind where playing it doesn’t feel like a task-to-task adventure. The music almost encourages you to explore and float along wistfully with the current.


This is a children’s book that tells the tale of Merryn and her journey to find her father! You can buy it here.

I really enjoyed playing Song of the Deep. The story kept me engaged and wanting to know what would happen next. Having the heroine be a little girl looking for her father really flips the tables on the average storyline. Being not only a female, but a mother, this story really appealed to me. It is nice to have a video game that encourages young women to be the hero and not the sidekick or the sex object. A game where I would want my daughter to play and see the magic. The gameplay was relaxing and fun while still maintaining a challenge that kept me coming back. I never got so frustrated where I had to put the controller down and walk away. The music added another layer that only enhanced the playing experience. I would highly recommend Song of the Deep to anybody and everybody!


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