Posted on March 3, 2017

Community Game Along: Fashion Games – How I Got Addicted to the Kardashian Games

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I recently saw that Dina from Moms Gonna Snap was participating in a community game along created by Chic Pixel and decided to join in on the fun! Each month is a new genre or developer that you can choose a game to play from. February’s theme was fashion games. Seeing as how about 70% of my wardrobe comes from Loot Crate, I was not looking forward to this theme. I didn’t even really know where to begin in my search for a game! Luckily, Chic Pixel gave a wide variety of choices in a genre I know little about.

I ended up choosing the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game. Why? Because it was free. Yep, that about sums up my highly evolved criteria.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

I downloaded it and set up my character. You start out the game as a doe-eyed newbie in the fashion world, just thankful for your position as a sales clerk in a boutique. When Kim Kardashian comes in on your very first shift, everything changes. She is so impressed with your fashion expertise that she invites you to attend an event with her. Everything snowballs from there. You soon pickup an agent and a publicist and bing, bang, boom you are in the public’s eye!

Community Game Along

All actions are done by using energy in the game. Certain tasks require a certain amount of energy. For example, you might have a project to model for a famed French fashion designer. You will have a certain amount of time ranging from 1 to 8 hours to complete the tasks to collect as many stars as you can. The more stars you get from an action, the more energy that it costs. So if one of your tasks is to “hold a pose” and it costs 8 energy, then it will likely give you around 8 stars. If you collect enough stars to fill up your star meter, then you will gain more followers. If you bomb your project, you end up losing followers.

Community Game Along

Keep in mind that you only have a certain amount of energy points. Once you lose all your energy then you will need to wait for it to recharge. While you’re waiting, you could probably spend time with the family that you’ve been neglecting to play this game in the first place.

The goal is to climb the ladder of celebs until you are an A-list celebrity. The more twitter followers you have, the higher your status. There are other side goals like getting into a romantic relationship and creating a hit reality show, but the biggest thing that is on your radar is to get your star rating up. I do have to give this game props in regards to inclusion. There is no limit to who you can pursue, relationship wise, in the game. In fact, at some point Kim K’s character specifically references the fact that she supports the rights of all sexual orientations. Kudos!

 The Fashion

As far as the fashion aspect of this game goes, it was pretty darn fun actually. For someone who is nonchalant about fashion in my everyday life, I was awfully concerned about every minute detail of my little avatar chick. I made sure that she was dressed to the nines for every occasion that she encountered. I even *gulp* paid money for some of the outfits and hairstyles.

There is really some sort of style for everyone in this game. From the modest to the flamboyant, I could create any sort of persona I wanted. I especially liked the level of detail that went into some of the makeup options. Of course you had to pay to actually use them, but I wasn’t quite ready to sink that deep into it. Sure, I paid money for hair and an outfit, but that’s different.

The Only Cure for Kardashian is More Kardashian

I found myself with this awful lull after I had gotten a fair bit into this game. It seemed to take f-o-r-ever to fill up my energy and I was rapidly getting impatient. So what did I do? I downloaded the other Kardashian game. Yep, there are two! I downloaded Kendall and Kylie. No ragrets, right?

Community Game Along

With Kendall and Kylie the storyline is a bit different. Instead of you trying to climb the list of celebrities from D list to A list, you are trying to gather as many social media followers as you can. You do this by filming vlogs, working as a stylist in a salon, and doing other minor celeb stuff. The social media platform for Kendall and Kylie is clearly supposed to be Instagram to the Kim K’s Twitter. The same method of using energy to complete tasks is present in Kendall and Kylie as well. Although, with the way you are rewarded there is a much larger chance that you won’t have to spend money to really enjoy the game.

The Fashion

The fashion in Kendall and Kylie is much more hipster than the options in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. They tend to lean more towards the trendy than the classic. It was kind of fun to plaster my avatar with some hipster threads and attend a indie rock concert. The hairstyles feature not only the traditional blonde, black, brunette, and red, but also purple, teal, and pink; a clear nod to the popularity of the pastel colors of today. They even feature some ombre styles that are all the rage on Pinterest.

Community Game Along

Like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, I really enjoyed the fashion aspect of this game. I was constantly changing out her outfits as soon as I unlocked a piece or purchased something with my in-game funds. My avatar was stylin’ if I do say so myself.

The Verdict

I really wanted to hate these games. For one, I don’t particularly care for Kim K as a celeb. I mean, I don’t hate her, she’s never done anything to offend me personally or morally. I just don’t find her as aw-inspiring as the rest of the world seems to. She simply exists, in my world, the same way that a fern exists as an overlooked piece of office decor. Meh, could take it or leave it. The same thing goes for Kendall and Kylie. But the truth is, I actually sort of loved playing these.

Community Game Along

With that being said, I maybe loved playing them a little too much. I found myself feeling very obsessive about getting 5 stars on my projects. I had my cellphone in my hand constantly, always checking to see what I should be doing next. Did I have fun playing? Of course! I got to look cute and trendy by doing relatively 0% of the hard work that it takes to get there. But at what cost? My eyes were strained and my family ignored. I put down the game about a week ago and I’m proud to say I haven’t picked it up since. I’m on the road to recovery.


The theme for the Community Game Along for March is Monster Hunter. To be honest, I don’t have a clue as to what I want to play. If you have a suggestion, leave it in the comments below.

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  • Haha! This sounds like fun! (And I need tons of fun now)

    • Heather Marie

      It is definitely a way to distract yourself if that’s what you’re needing. And also a way to feel uber glamorous!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    I can see where you download one and you download them all as they must be connected with each other. I probably won’t download any of them for that reason.

    • Heather Marie

      Smart choice, stay away…

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