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Posted on May 23, 2016

Beauty and The Beast Teaser Trailer Reaction


Hello lovelies! I’m not one to get go out of my way to watch a trailer (especially a teaser trailer). I only track it down if it’s really something that I’m interested in going to see. With that being said, I have watched the new Beauty and the Beast teaser trailer about 12 times. And what can I say about it?

It hooked me from the start. That theme music! Brings back so many memories of watching the VHS over and over and over again. Seeing how well they captured the setting of the castle and all of its beauty just made my heart so happy. We get to see a flash of rage from the Beast which definitely brought back all the fear that I had when I was a little girl. We get to hear Lumiere’s character in a small snippet of dialogue, one of my favorite characters. And then Belle.

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