A list of fantastic #geeky things to get you by on a cold winter's day!
Posted on January 27, 2017

A Few of My Favorite Things: January


This post contains some affiliate links. This means that if you click on a link and make a purchase then I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps me do things like fund my Funko POP addiction and keep this little blog up and running. I only put links to things that I truly believe in and endorse. Thanks for all of your support!

Every month I like to highlight a few of my favorite things. For January, many of these items are based around staying inside where it’s warm and cozy. Even my little spot in south Texas felt the the shiver of winter this year. So without further adieu, my favs for January.

Merryn with S.S. Eirnin Funko POP!

This is by far my favorite POP of the month! After completing Song of the Deep this month, I wanted to get something to commemorate it. I scored Merryn with her adorbz submarine from Gamestop for a staggering $9.99! You read that right. I felt like I was stealing it was so cheap. If you haven’t seen it at your local Gamestop, then you can purchase one of these babies right here. Merryn is perched on my electric fireplace (yep, I’m one of those dorks) and she really ties the room together. But mostly it’s just cute and I love looking at her.

Zodiac Starforce : By the Power of Astra

I’ve been following one of the artists for this comic on twitter for a while now, but every time I go to my local comic book store there are zero copies. I was lucky enough to find one the last time we went. The lone wolf! This comic is beautiful and the content is amazing! full of fantasy and splendor and girl power. With all the nonsense that is going on in the world right now, I could use some solid girl power.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

If you are following me on Twitter or Facebook then you know I am pretty obsessed with A Series of Unfortunate Events right about meow. The Netflix series starring Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf is pure magic. I love the immersive setting and the subtle humor. While I would pretty much love anything Neil Patrick Harris is in, this series goes deeper than that. The setting is beautiful and morose, the story is gripping, and the intro song is glorious. I loves it.

Umiwe Kitty Nightlight

Okay guys, I know I already posted about this sweet nightlight on my Facebook and Twitter, but I just don’t think you understand how completely amazing this product is. I bought this for my little princess for Christmas after her other nightlight officially bit the dust. I wanted something that was big enough to provide some good light for her, but be portable enough she could take with her. This nightlight fits the bill! It is a soft silicone that is perfect for snuggling. It has two settings, one of which is a soft white light and the other cycles between a few different colors. It’s not enough to be distracting, but enough to get some fun light at night. The best part? It’s chargeable! No fumbling with batteries and cursing yourself when you forget to buy some at the store. If you are looking for a nightlight for your little one (or even for yourself) I can’t recommend this one enough. And it’s only $14.99 on Amazon! You can find it here.


Dr. Who Mug

While I am not a coffee lover, I do have a fondness for tea. My husband was given this mug by a coworker and I sort of comandeered it for myself. It is the perfect size to keep your beverage warm and while you drink it! No more getting to the bottom of your mug to find a cold drink. Plus, I just love the Dr. Who pics that cover the outside. Makes me feel like the doctor could come barging in any minute. If you want one for yourself you can find one here. You won’t regret it!

So these are just a few of my favs from January. I’m looking forward to a valentines day filled list next month! Tell me, what were some of your favorite items to snuggle up with in January?

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  • Mariah Kaercher

    Zodiac Starforce was so good!! I bought the first edition in the trade paperback and I loved it. I can’t wait to continue on in the series.

    • Heather Marie

      Me too! So worth the wait.

  • Awww that Umiwe Kitty Nightlight is super cuuuuuteeeee :3

    • Heather Marie

      Isn’t it adorable! It was seriously the best Christmas present I got my little one. So great, in fact, that I want one too 😛

      • :3 It’s friggin’ adorable! For kids, groundups and pets!!

  • Chrissie at Vamp It Up

    If you sat the kitty light next to you, do you think it would be enough light to read by?

    • Heather Marie

      I don’t think it would be quite bright enough to read by comfortably. You could read by it, but you would still be straining a bit.

  • Love the kitty light <3 I am sure that it gives a magical spin to the room! Besides it's a kitty, so how not to love it hahah ^^
    The funko is really cute as well… Darn it, I just started collecting them and now I want to have them all x)

    • Heather Marie

      It’s a terribly wonderful addiction. Welcome to the club Nyanla!

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